Solving Vote Kicking: An Open Discussion

What a mean spirited moment I’ve ever seen on TU :frowning:

Someone just called you a furry, but you telling everyone on the server that you’re are not a furry, but then someone bring out a vote kick to kick you out of the server which seems mean spirited.

This is one of those “mean spirited moments” on TU as I fear for what comes in the near future.

They have toxicity people in the middle of nowhere, and the normal people who just want to play the game and have fun, gets vote kicked or banned for no reasons.

This is how the term “cruelty” starts to spread from one person to the others, it’s like a pandemic or something.

Yeah there is people who are mean on TU but glad vote kicking got removed (I can kinda see why people think I’m a furry but if they can’t see when I type “I’m not” they are just blind lmao)

Edit: I created and shared a public StrawPoll link for people to solve the vote kicking issue.