[SOLVED] Game looks really bad even on Turbo Settings

Running on a 7850HD (2012, but still runs most Unreal 4 games well), 8GB RAM and i5 3570k 3.4ghz Quad. Somehow I don’t think it should look this bad though. Everything distant looks really blurred,aliased and low in detail, the game looks really ‘splotchy’. I’ve toyed around with Catalyst/Display Settings and nothing’s worked.

Check your Catalyst settings.

It’s nothing to do with catalyst.

Holy shit, I totally didn’t notice “SCREEN RESOLUTION” at the top of the settings pane, why is it greyed? it makes it look like a menu title, anyways. Thread closed.

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Renamed thread to say it is solved. Just so nobody needs to spend time reading an uneeded thread ;3c

I read it anyway.