So what's the Deal with the Egg?

The Egg has been here since the beginning. Before there was Tower Unite, there was The Egg. Despite my years of study on The Egg, I have many questions.

Is it supposed to have inverted normals? It gives it a strange, halo-esque effect that not many Eggs have.

It has a modeled interior… why?

There is a UV seam that runs perfectly across the center of The Egg, almost like a prize egg. Is it intended to open at some point? And if so, what homunculus will be brought onto this earth?


I’ve always assumed it will be used for cooking. The seam is probably where you’ll crack it open, which is also why the interior is modelled.

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  1. I think it might be related to the Yoshi Egg pet in GMT, which had a pseudo cell-shading effect done the same way. The egg was implemented pretty early on in TU, so it could’ve just been a port over with different textures, not sure

  2. The interior isn’t really “modeled”, just that the material is double-sided (as in, made so it’s visible from both sides). Why? :woman_shrugging:

  3. It’s probably just because of how the model was modeled and textured. I’d think it was just made from a sphere primitive, with the top half pulled upward to make it eggy. The default UV map (or maybe just a lazy UV job) would project against each of the halves (from the top/bottom, making the UV’d hemispheres look like a circle). This is supported by the points away from the equator having significantly stretched textures:

And From the Egg, came the Dark Catsacks. The most ruthless of their kind, the great wizard Jeff, sought to return the world into eternal darkness. Such was possible through the use of the Cosmic Catsack, a legendary and ancient power of unspeakable magnitude…