So uh, the optimization patch is pretty ok



My specs, for those wondering:
CPU: AMD A8-6600k Quad Core OC’d to 4.5ghz
GPU: RX 480 Reference 8GB
RAM: 8GB DDR3 at 1866mhz

The lobby used to be the only thing that I didn’t get a constant 60 on, now I get constant 60 everywhere

now just fix those fukin load times


Load times are pretty alright for me.

You should seriously consider upgrading your gpu :wink:

The long loads times are more to do with the HDD not GPU. An SSD would improve his load times a lot more than if he changed his GPU as it’s not really under powered.

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Yeah you’re probably right.

My two statements were meant to be separate. :yum:

Pretty sure it’s my CPU that’s causing long load times. I have a WD Blue 7200RPM drive that basically everyone has and most people with the same drive and a better CPU have much shorter load times.

4.5 ghz is a really good clock.

Also, that test was hitting you at barely over 50 fps and then dropped down to 14 fps with physics. Definitely need a new GPU :yum:

Turbo settings with only 2 settings high at 1080p,

60-50 fps before casino (kinda unstable)

50-30 after casino

60-50 after optimization (more stable)

Thanks pixeltail

He has a RX 480. He doesn’t need to upgrade his GPU.

I don’t think you understood the joke

The joke is he’s running AMD. Nvidia FTW

In other news, the more important part is that he’s already clocking his CPU at 4.5ghz. I don’t think a new cpu would help his load times much if at all. Definitely think the HDD is the bottleneck here.

Green is the color of greed

My GTX 960 can handle anything but arma 3, looks like an ssd is my next investment

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Clock speed isn’t the only thing that matters in a CPU. If you look at my 3dmark scores you’ll see the physics test, which is 100% CPU based, only scores 4000 points, whereas my GPU scored 12000.

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also, i have an i7 6700k

Good point.

I’m still getting 8 FPS on the plaza


proooooooooobably an intel hd 3000

Load times are lickity split after I moved the game to my Samsung EVO SSD :ok_hand:

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Same for when I replaced my 2TB Seagate Barracuda SATA3 HDD with a 1TB Mushkin Reaktor SATA3 SSD.