So this Liberetro thing, its totally legit right?

So this new update is one probably no one saw coming, and now that its here I have an important question.

Emulation is a controversial topic in some circles. Particularly shameless megacorporation ones. Personally its a topic I’d rather not go into debate about here.

This emulation thing coming to Tower Unite though, isn’t gonna be something that gets TU targetted by, say, Nintendo (again) and get the game or at minimum this new feature shut down is it?

Emulation is a legal gray area, the act of emulation is not illegal, Its the ROMs that have the issues.

That copyright is the thing that company’s target.

if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, in a commercial setting you’re legally allowed to emulate as long as you have a copy of the actual copywrite per emulation.

Since Pixeltail is not doing anything with ROMs themselves there is no fear of backlash.

Yeah there’s a program doing a similar thing called Anarchy Arcade, and they haven’t had any legal problems, so it’ll probably be fine.

don’t forget New Retro Arcade: Neon on steam, its not seen any issues either

RetroArch, the official LibRetro frontend, is also on steam and has not seen issues either

As has been said, it’s not the emulation that’s illegal, it’s the pirated ROMs. Piracy is illegal regardless of what you’re pirating. Be it ROMs, movies, music, etc. Basically, emulation isn’t illegal, piracy is.