So the CopyCat is nice

Made this whole thing in the span of about… 2 hours?

He’s cute and deserves some pets. And treats…

There we go.

Goodest boye.


That’s a cute pupper right there.


Love the corgi, it’s adorable! How’d you get the boxes to line up so neatly?

That is a corgi right?

This is one h*ck of a good boy if I’ve ever seen one


Use grid snapping size 3 and only place boxes on top of each other, never place them on the sides of other boxes.

And yes it’s a corgi :stuck_out_tongue:

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when i do it, it can’t do grid snapping with copy cat tool, so it moves smooth which doesent work,…

Yeah, all the boxes are placed by hand for that reason. Maybe when we get some of the other Portable Inventory Tools™, I’ll be able to just churn out piece after piece lmao