So many problems; what is going on?

Hey everyone!

Let me first start off by saying I loved GMT and played it all day and every day. I know I was able to play GMT for free, but I had to give you guys support, so I donated. I had over 300 hours in it and I had a TON of GMC and items and the coolest custom suite. I just scavenged enough money to buy the game and so far I am having lots of problems with it. Here is my first problem: On the start up screen, it gives me the option to transfer my items from GMT. I clicked the button about a hundred times to do so, and it doesn’t do anything (Yes, I have steam overlay enabled). Second Problem: It doesn’t seem to be connecting to the internet. My profile says “OFFLINE” and I totally forgot that I did this, but I clicked “Public, allow anyone to find join your condo” about 35 minutes ago, and I just tabbed back in and it is STILL loading.

The heck is going on?

Make sure you are connected to Steam, and that you aren’t running multiple instances of the game in the background (check Task Manager).

As for the Item Issue, you can try logging into Steam and going to, locate your player profile, and click the transfer button at the bottom.

I just completely ended all processes of steam so just in case any instances were running those should be gone now. As for the item issue, you mean through steam overlay, log into Brief steps please?

You just press the “transfer items” button when starting up the game.

Find your GMod Tower Profile, scroll to the bottom, click Sign in with Steam, and click transfer.

(My Profile for example)

Alright, got transfer working (although I still need to earn 1 gmc)

As for the connection issue, I obviously have internet as well as a perfect steam connection, although this is what is happening:

You said you ended all Steam processes, but did you end all Tower Unite processes? They should be something like Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe.

Steam automatically ends all game processes launched by it. Ill double check though.

EDIT: No processes like that. Ugh.

You can also try restarting your computer, which might end some processes you can’t find, or you can try verifying your game cache, although I’m not sure if that would help with the issue.

Let me try this. Ill update the post really soon.

Make sure to click “More details” when you’re looking for it

I am still getting no connection.

Maybe I can try directly looking for servers in the Steam OS instead of in game…

EDIT: There is no option for it. There is no reason why this shouldn’t connect to my internet. No wonder that button wasn’t working. I’m getting dangerously close to the steam refund playtime limit.

Try looking for Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe in the task manager again. It might be under the processes tab.

I know, I know. I’ve done that about 4 times in the past 30 minutes.

Have you made sure that your firewall isn’t blocking the application in anyway?

No idea how to check that :frowning: although very good chance it is.

er. I think I disabled windows firewall a long time ago.

EDIT: Tower Unite is checked.

If my refund ends up going through, I might buy this game again.

Extremely disappointed. Sorry.

Sorry you were unable to get it to function on your device.

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Sounds to me that this could be a port related issue. If you want to give it a try again, open these ports:

I have never had any problem connecting to steam servers, especially through games unless it was due to an obvious reason.