So i made a Pizza Place in Tower Unite, What do you guys think?

I was bored and rich so i said to myself “Heck, I’m hungry, i should make some pizza”

But who needs real life when you have Tower Unite am i right?

As for now the place is still work in progress.

Share your opinions with me!!!


The place looks like this now


It’s a little boxy, but it looks quite nice. I especially love the counter, that looks really good.

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Maybe i should make it more round

Holy shit


The chef made me laugh harder then I should of laughed. I love it

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papa is in the house!


This is awesome! I really like how the pool is a part of the building.
About how much did you spend? I plan to do a project with building pieces myself.

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Well this building in the pictures costs less than 50k, but i did add some chairs,tables and more canvas.
It all depends how much you add to it.

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best shit choco i love papa johns i hope i can visit soon


This is amazing. Great job!

I’ll take one pepperoni pizza please. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you guys have sodie pops? Papa bless.

Any local pizza shop worth their salt has an arcade machine, you know :wink:

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OMG how long did it take to build that? was it hard? also how did you get money so fast and how long did it take to the that much money XD

Well the props aren’t cheap and canvases are not cheap either.
besides i got my 670k units transferred from GMod tower.
I did not actually work for that money i won the jackpot back in gmod tower.

iv checked out the pizza place its damn good its l like a real pizza place but no arcade machine yet :slight_smile:

I will be sure to stop by and get me a sodie pop.

papas in the house :new_moon_with_face:

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Time to use the pizza that they will add cool cool