So, I got outside the map.. (/w pictures)

If you go under the bowling place, you should be able to glitch like this.

Bird view of the map

These “islands” are actually hilltips (like IRL)

skybox used for the islands (it’s the same one as the regular skybox)

One interesting thing I noticed… it seems the Tower is divided into “floors”. You can fall throught them, but you can’t pass them the other way.(The picture’s taken at the first one, right above the Tower lobby.)

I think I’m the first person ever on the TU roof. c: (or the lack of it)

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You were able to escape the map even before

Yeah I mentioned on the stream that it would be mega easy to get out of the map in the latest version due to all the building changes I’ve done.

Did some exploring of my own and got into the arcade

Don’t worry about those collisions, that arcade layout is scrapped anyway.

Sorry for necro, but it just stroke me…
This thread wasn’t meant to be a rant of any sort. I understand that game development is a lengthy procces.
I just wanted to share my magical adventures outside the map. I’m sorry if it sounded like a rant or something. :sweat:

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It’s all good.


*breath deeply *


*breath deeply *


*breath deeply *




It was in suggested post so why not bring it back to life?

btw… Are you stalking me? :scream:

Aw crap you found out!!!
*runs away *

nah, really, I’m just reading every new post on the forum… that’ s why.

See my Regular title? SEE IT??!!
#look at it!!!

*rubs Regular title in Filuren’s face *

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finally get a breath of air

#Are you trying to kill me!!!?

Yes i do see it but that does not explain why you…

takes out a carrot from @AshGe ´s pants

#Have this in your pants!

Sorry this is probably not the right topic or post to be having this discussion on. :innocent:

I can explain!

*takes a dramatic pose *

You put this carrot last night, in the night-club, while you were drunk.

You said you always wanted to know what a human garden plantation looked like. (You also put a lettuce, but it was eaten by a giant snail… I guess?.. I was drunk and high, so idk…)

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