So I assume you guys left this model up for grabs...?


NOTE Either I am really stupid, and this is some sort of free model but from what I remember you guys don’t use those? So anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this model used multiple times in different GMOD maps. The two reasons I can assume is either it isn’t yours, or it was and is no longer, or you just left it up for grabs?


The Ferris Wheel model in Gmod is PixelTail’s own content, and was used as part of Gmod Tower’s Lobby 2. As the GMT content is no longer up on the workshop, I would assume the people who are using the model are doing so without proper permission.
Also, the model used in TU is a different, higher quality model.


I modeled and textured the ferris wheel for GMod Tower and we reused it in Tower Unite. This is not a free model, this is our model.

We do not give permission to use it, but for GMod (since it’s a mod) I have spoken to many people who have used the model and asked them to put credits to us. It’s really case by case and ultimately up to myself to decide who can or cannot use it.

Any commercial use of this model is strictly forbidden, of course.