So Hype Right Now
Oh my god. Excitement at max.

People still play this game? Huh.


Please… don’t be that guy.

I love the idea of it. The Burning Legion was always so underexplored. How they’re going to manage to not be another copy of TBC, I’m not sure. WoD already won that spot.

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This game hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’m going to play until I feel like it isn’t worth is anymore.

Also, with this new expansion. I just realized WoD was a filler expansion. WoD was only in place to introduce Gul’Dan so he could go and find Illidan to bring back The Burning Legion once more.

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Eh, I’ve played too much WoW, my experience and excitement is dead for MMOs nowadays.

The only thing I’m waiting for is Overwatch and Maplestory 2 (weeab mode).

Um, no. xD