So can you make Virus actually balanced now

like seriously Virus has just been horribly balanced since the beginning, which is especially disappointing considering I actually enjoy Virus

but it’s basically just been nothing but shotguns all the time forever
so can you guys, like, fix that now that Tower Unite is gonna be a thing


^^^^^^^^^ This

Please god make this. Its extremely hard to have fun playing virus when you are the first infected and the other team is all sonic shotguns in a corner camping.

I don’t enjoy virus because of these reasons. Virus needs to be fixed. Maybe instead of making the infected run fast, they could be able to climb walls, and be spooktacular rather than a nuisance.

Indeed, this must be a thing; Virus has always been a favorite of mine, but shotguns have undoubtedly been much too powerful compared to the other weapons. At least it’s confirmed that the hitboxes won’t be screwed up anymore! Huzzah for networking!


In the state that Virus is in right now, it might as well be called “Zombies Vs. Shotguns”. I mean seriously, the shotguns deal way too much damage per pellet, especially for something that flings pellets all over the place. The only time the Infected even have a chance is when the survivors are reloading, because that’s the only time when they can’t just aim relatively close to an Infected, shoot, and kill. I’ve seen posts on the GMod Tower forums about how we should be able to choose our loadouts, which we all know would just result in people choosing nothing but the Flak Handgun(which is basically a shotgun pistol), and the Double Barrel Shotgun. Then there’s the issue of what are you supposed to use!? The SMG with 25 rounds, trash damage, low ammo capacity, slow reload, and slow fire rate? The Pistol with 12 rounds, low fire rate, slow reload, and is only good when scoring headshots? The Sniper Rifle? of all things you could use in the most close-quarters gamemode in GMod Tower?

Then there is another issue. The spawn points. More often than not, the Infected win by just spawning on top of a Survivor, triggering a chain-reaction causing everyone to die in a matter of seconds, followed by everyone complaining about how unfair that is in chat and voice communication.

We’ll definitely be balancing it.


rolls eyes yeah i thought they were going to keep it the same and try to not fix it : /

Firstly, this thread has been dead for three months.
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Honestly I don’t think so. Being the infected shouldn’t be fun for you. It would be a cool Idea if the infected were invisible and only appeared on your radar. It is balanced. Yes it’s shotgun dependent but when you miss a shot you switch to something else to use or if you run out of ammo. Shotguns are op in any game.

The problem with shotguns on Virus is, shotguns in any game are designed to be very powerful in close range, with very little use at longer ranges. That makes shotguns in most shooters balanced, as putting it to good use require getting closer to another play whom could potentially shoot you in the face before you even reach them. You get rewarded with a very powerful, typically one shot kill in return.

Infected on Virus don’t have guns, and are forced to ‘melee’ survivors in order to infect them, leaving no room for the shotgun’s counter balance whatsoever. You’re left with relying on overrunning one person alone, trying to sneak up on them (Which is practically impossible with anyone with enough sense to use the radar) or hope to @Rob that they miss.