So about Tower Unite Halloween Event

This is kinda of a issue I have with the events, like its December and its still doing the Halloween event. As I much like Halloween but as it started in the middle of the month of October and just gets extended by the dark ride release, which is fine and all, but should the Halloween event start like in the middle of September and end on Nov 1? Just it feels we will have the Christmas event going all the way into February as this point. Maybe we can slightly shift these holiday events so they can end on the month they start in?

Also trying to befriend the characters is hard since there isn’t much of a trackers to know which friend you have befriended, I’m on 9/10 friends for Halloween and can’t seem to find the last one.


The seasonal plazas depend on pushing out an update, which means when it comes to the holiday plaza and all its changes the update needs preparing before pushing it out. Otherwise it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to push out an empty update just to revert the plaza. At least as it stands.

I say this because a lot of people complain already about “Hurr durr 10GB update for nothing” when it’s 10GB of changes, not additions. It doesn’t add more memory to the game.

It’s not planned to have Halloween extended this far into December. It just depends on how quickly Holiday plaza and its new items/changes/fixes can be done in time.

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so I guess racing on ice will happen when the winter plaza is ready if that racing shop opens up


Also you should take the time to earn as many Ghoul coins as you can Carry.

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