Snapshot CondoData File Mapping?

I’d like to write a program to automate some condo building (dynamically size and position canvases based on image resolution, mass set positions of objects, etc) through editing the snapshot text file, but wanted to see if there’s any existing mappings, since it doesn’t look like the file is using any standard encodings (though I’m pretty new at editing files at the byte level so I could be wrong, but half of the results are clear text, like “StrProperty”, and the rest is just random garbage, like “%­Û”, no matter which predefined encoding I try).

I can brute force it by viewing snapshots before and after a value change and see something like the bytes after “\u0080?” look to be the XYZ positions of the item, but I’d have to mess with it more to see exactly which bytes do what.

If anyone has an easier way of going about this, I’d appreciate it.