"Smooth Ocean" condo thread

Hello everyone. A while back, I promised I’d make a “smooth ocean” condo, which would be an aquatic equivalent of smooth dirt. I am making this thread to ask the community:

What do you want out of this condo? What do you want it to be? Do you want the ocean floor to be completely flat and featureless, or be rocky and rough like in the underwater condo? Do you have any specific requests?

Thank you!


Smooth Ocean exclusive fish “Smooth Fish”, what should be completely flat. Yes.


Would it be feasible to have two versions, one with a flat ocean floor, the other with a “decorated” one? I can see some people would buy the condo to build underwater bases, while others would prefer builds on the ocean’s surface.

I would want this condo to be extremely similar to Smooth Dirt.

  • The dirt would be replaced with water
  • The ocean floor should be as flat as the Smooth Dirt terrain
  • The condo should be featureless aside from the square platform in the middle

Some features I would like to see are:

  • Customizable Platform
  • Customizable Terrain

Some features I would like to see but may be harder are:

  • Customizable water (different water from the Plaza / Treasure Cove, etc.)
  • The ability to control water flow (e.g. the lazy river from the plaza)
  • The option to divide the water into chunks
    • I don’t see how this will be done
    • This could allow for different types of water in different areas
    • This could also allow for fish to be placed without aquariums

Some afterthoughts:

  • Adjustable water height

Being able to customize the direction, speed and roughness of the water (and intensity of the waves) would be really a nice feature to have with an ocean condo - it’ll go great with boat/yacht/etc. builds

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Assuming there can be no dynamic water hollowness due to how UE maps work, people will use it mostly for building ships and water houses.
For that, I see no reason why you should do all the work of decorating the ocean floor. Leave it plain and simple. Let the players do the decors. My only request would be the ability to change the water texture/color.

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These alongside having a slider for varying amounts of sea foam would be cool.

Maybe something similar to smooth dirt and smooth autumn, the same map but one has decoration already.

Maybe rocky and rough but limited to a certain height with an optional flat barrier on top that can hide and therefore optimize the below away. I know there’s a word for those kind of objects in 3D optimization but I can’t think of it right now…


Perhaps a toggle for the spawn platform?

The ocean floor should certainly be flat and featureless. That said, aquatic plants and rock structures for sale somewhere to put down there would be really cool I think. Coral rocks, coral in general to create reefs, large rock loops.

Also, I was kind of thinking. Would it be possible to create a house under the water? Would you be able to even drain the water if you created a simple box?

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It would make sense to have the ocean and ocean floor be completely flat given that it’s “Smooth Ocean”, not doing so would make it a “Not So Smooth Ocean”.
Plus it would give us the ability to decorate the ocean floor in whatever way we want to with sandbanks, corals and underwater plants

Also i think the central platform should look like a floating raft:

Or maybe look like a small island with a really steep underwater drop


If the smooth ocean also gets an underwater section then it will definitely be possible to place blocks and furniture in the water since this is already possible in the underwater condo

As for draining the water from an enclosed area, I don’t think the unreal engine has been made able to do such a thing, although it would probably be possible to make an object or system that allows you to turn off the water effects and water physics inside a specific area.

Well I know a couple things, If it has water , you might want to change the way you automatically float up to the surface. That one alone kinda ruins underwater condo.


I think that generally what people want out of a smooth ocean is the aesthetics and not neccesarily the physics.

Full smooth bottom, but items to decorate as such. Control over water physics/effects to suit building needs, and the biggest pleasing factor is underwater building allowing “airtight” builds.

Although fundamentally besides the point of such a condo, it feels like the entirety of the underwater area should simply act as empty air, allowing users to wall off their bases as they see fit.


Metal Shoes item. Please.


the dolphin potion is the only thing I know of, that doesnt make you automatically float to the surface… only issue is that they dont have a way for you to go down as the dolphin. But if you want to stay at a level area of water, dolphin pot