Smooth Dirt - Toggleable...floor?

That’s right. I would like to be able to toggle off the entire ground. Gone. Outta here. Infinite pit, please.

The main benefit would be versatility for expanding builds that were already started. People have a natural inclination to just build on the ground. Why wouldn’t they? But maybe you started a house and want to add a natural basement. Well, if you didn’t have the foresight to consider that and build your house higher up (with the terrain building that comes with) then you’re stuck using teleporters, which is fine for some, but definitely not for others.

This would also be great for outer space themed maps. A lot of people elect to just build in the void outside of the art studio condo for this, but, again, this would be nice people people who already started on smooth dirt.

this, please! i suggested this a while back ago & we got the main plate removeable, but i would still love to see the floor removed! i’ve noticed some funky things happening with rain/rain audio once you go really high up, and i ended up having to move my build lower to fix it… and then higher again since my stuff was clipping through the floor :x