Smooth Dirt Never Gets Dark Enough

I was building in Smooth Dirt and I noticed that even when Moon Intensity is turned to minimum… there’s still plenty of light.

Here are two screenshots showing similar scenes in Smooth Dirt and House respectively. As seen here, there’s a lot more light in Smooth Dirt and that limits the ability to make extremely dark locations.

I feel that Smooth Dirt should have a similar light range to Smooth Autumn (the same lighting would be preferable imo). Smooth Autumn is capable of having advanced darkness and has a good range of lighting.


Smooth Dirt also still has that lighting bug that turns the undersides of surfaces yellow.

This isn’t your average every day darkness.

This is…

A d v a n c e d D a r k n e s s.


I remember reporting on this. It started when the game moved from —>

Unfortunately, it’s not just smooth dirt. Most outdoor areas (including smooth autumn) have been permeated by a blue-ness in the dark. Here’s a rough building I made in the pitchest black setting

And largely unedited area from Resort where it bleeds in.

And I’m pretty sure it’s almost game-wide. I do not remember the plaza being this blue a year ago.

In fact, I was looking through old screenshots and footage and found how normal it looked during Halloween (

I am certain this also started from the update.

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