Smooth Dirt edge


As the achievement update is quickly approaching, I’ve decided to set up a teleporter on my Smooth Dirth to make obtaining the “The Edge” achievement a bit easier.
I’ve also discovered a very strange thing. If I remember correctly, you were once able to actually reach the very edge of the map, but as of now, if you approach it, you just… vanish from existence.

Also, I’m not sure if it is what I think it is, but you can also find the edge of the… skybox?

EDIT: oh yeah, the x coordinate for the end of the map is approximately -1047500.
EDIT2: well, one thing’s for certain, it is the skybox.


Did you not know the skybox was a sphere?




this is actually a good idea to get the achievement, I might do this also


I actually had no idea that the skybox was a sphere, hence being a sky"box". Cool to know though.