Smooth Autumn needs thick grass

The wide open areas of Smooth Autumn look a little bare and could use a layer of thick grass

You can get grass patches at Seasons for 2 units each that you could use to fill up the open areas

are they colourable?

The problem with buying grass from seasons means I have to buy 1000s of pieces and that means sitting there and clicking add to cart who knows how many times.

It also means clicking 1000s of times using copycat tool to place them, and copycat tool has no option for randomised rotation.

All that grass will also significantly contribute to load times.

They are, and have 14 variants

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You can just use Tower Express to get up to 1000 grass patches without clicking add to cart a thousand times, and some of the grass variants are pretty large so you definitely wouldn’t have to click thousands of times to fill up an open spot in Smooth Autumn with them. I also have a few condo saves with hundreds of grass patches in them and I haven’t had issues with the load times being longer

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Clipping would also limit builds

So I filled one of those open areas with grass patches and it caused my FPS to drop because there is no LODing or render distance culling

having a toggle for grass would be pretty good, not just on the smooth builds but on the grassy textures in general.