Small change regarding the in-game chat filter

currently refraining from saying the word itself just in case the forum would auto-flag the post for removal or something like that, but i think this conversation from the game’s discord should sum it up pretty well. like i say in the screenshot, i’ve heard this complaint be brought up more than once, so i feel it’s worth at least discussing

I’d say keep it in the censor list, since its use is still contentious among the LGBT+ community because, despite being for the most part reclaimed, it still can be used as a slur.

I’m sure people still do use it as a slur, but I have seen so little people use it that way in the past 5 years i could count the number of them with my fingers, plus it’s one of the words in LGBTQ


Personally I would like to see it removed from the list as it’s a means of self-identifying among LGBT folk and due to it being largely reclaimed in the past few years. I have met a wide array of other trans people in Tower Unite, and allowing them to use language relevant to them is a huge comfort. Additionally, should it still be used as a slur that player can be reported nonetheless - I think it’s a little silly to totally remove any mention of the word when it’s rarely used in a negative context.


This exactly ^

I know the intentions are good, having it in the filter, but I don’t feel it to be necessary. Like Nia said, we could just report/block anyone using it as a derogatory or slur.


We used a variety of verified sources to generate our censor list that other companies use to help combat online harassment and trolling.

After discussion of the word ‘queer’, we have decided to remove it from our censor list in the next update. However, we rely on user reports to help combat harassment as well.