Small but Major Golf Improvement

The mini-golf game is a ton of fun with a bunch of players, however when you look at the list of on-going games, one major thing is missing.

What hole is the current game on?

I would love to see the addition of game progress to the mini-golf server screen. This would make it easier for people to join games that are just beginning, rather than games that are already on hole 12.

Only if it also shows which stage a Ballrace game is and the rounds for Little Crusaders and Virus.

This was suggested many times, please use the search function.


I was thinking the same thing. I figure it probably would be along the same lines as the mini-golf.

This gets requested almost every month, just shows that we need to buckle down and get this feature out sooner than later.


Ah, I checked the Item suggestion mega-thread and it wasn’t in there. I also glanced over the road-map, but must have missed it. Look forward to seeing it in game when it is.