Slow the firerate of the starting pistol

Obv, just another balance suggestion by my part.

Fire-rate of starting pistol could be nerfed. I’m fine with keeping the amount of zombies the same, but taking away the reliability of the starting pistol is something I feel would help this gamemode. It’s the weapon you have to rely on when you don’t have a pickup. Keep in mind you can still upgrade the damage of guns. I think this nerf would improve the gameplay and make the game a bit more challenging without making changes to the core of the gamemode.

I think slowing it down would push it from barely usable to completely unusable even on just wave one, since you never use it past wave 3 and onwards anyways.
You wouldn’t be using the starting pistol if you had the money for damage upgrades since by that point there would be enough zombies and most probably would have gone for the starting weapon upgrade or a gadget upgrade anyways.