Slot machine Anti-AFK tweak

Well… looks like I’m not alone when I say:
The anti-AFK check on the slot machines is too aggressive.

A lot of people and even myself have gotten on the situation where we get prompted to press a random keyboard key, mistype it and get ejected to oblivion to find out 30 seconds later that our seat was already taken by someone else…
This is VERY frustrating.
People have been sitting for well over 6-7 hours on the same slot machine to have their seats stolen just because they pressed the wrong key or they mistakenly pressed their microphone toggle key or chat key to speak with someone while doing it.

Can you make it so it’s not that aggressive? Maybe a number or the up/down arrow keys?

At least add more room for error! Instead of giving us 2 tries to get the damn key right, give us like 10 seconds.
I normally mash the keys without looking as soon as the prompt appears, because I don’t wanna lean my head over my keyboard to look for it for 5 seconds (that’s a real buzzkill) !

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Or maybe pay attention to the game or what you are doing for around 10 seconds

If you’ve been sat at a machine for 6 hours you’re not gonna be able to pay 100% attention for all 6 hours, you’re an idiot.

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Yeah I agree, I’ve been gone for 30 seconds to go get a drink and got ejected from a machine, the afk check needs to be more lenient. I understand it’s to thwart bots but if it giving humans issues as well it’s too aggressive.


Yeah, because it’s like we’re going to do that for 10 hours straight

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Of course :relaxed:

also theres the fact that I press “X” to talk in voice chat and if I accidently press the button as it appears I lose my seat :c
I hate the AFK checker more harm than good

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I think the current system is fine. It gives you an audio cue for when it appears, the screen as a whole radically changes in shade as an impossible to miss message pops up front and center, and the key is usually easy to see (i and l have caused problems before, but that’s just one corner case). Even if you do get the first key wrong, you are given a second chance with another audio cue meant to say “Hey! Don’t forget to stop and press the correct button so we know you aren’t cheating the system with scripts or aren’t actually engaged with the game!” If you get it right, you get 150 Units for your troubles; that’s enough for a free 5 credit spin on the slots. Besides, the system is fairly predictable: it pops up in increments of about 30 minutes, if I’m correct. It shouldn’t catch anyone off guard, and it’s specifically designed so that the likelihood of failing it is very small for those paying any amount of attention.

The problem with any anti-AFK/anti-cheater system is that there isn’t a perfect line where all script users and essentially AFK players are caught while making sure all normal, attentive players are safe. For any system, you will catch some number of innocent users and let some who cheat the system through. To make the system more lenient might help reduce the number of false positives, but it will also leave open more room for cheaters. I think this system gives plenty of room for error while still being aggressive enough to discourage cheating or idly playing without giving your attention.

I can try to have it ignore voice/chat keys, but it would take a bit as I would have to send which keys you are using for those buttons to the server to ignore them from the random key selection (key binding is a thing, and the anti macro is server side so it has zero idea what your key binds are).

Making the anti-macro, I had to design with the idea that people could write brute forcing scripts.

Giving you 10 seconds would allow people to easily write scripts to by-pass the macro check.

Making only certain keys would increase the chance people could write scripts to by-pass the macro check.

Also, not everyone has arrow keys on their keyboards.

So, it was designed with both the end-user in mind and anti-macro scripts in mind.

It sucks, because we can’t reserve your slot machine if you fail the anti-macro check as a human player, because then bot players would easily take advantage of that system.


In my opinion, if you’re on a slot machine for 6 hours, you’ve got other problems to worry about.


Gotta make money somehow

The AFK check does have it’s uses. Caught a user red-handed trying to boost in the casino, the AFK checker has clearly done it’s job here as all he has done is bind his space bar to a macro key:

An easy fix could be to just make the player have to click on something to start the solution. A text box
to click on or button to press before it starts accepting key presses would fix a lot of the issues posted about here.

The popup appearing while typing in chat is my main gripe, as that tends to be an instant failure. At which point on a busy server you may very well lose your seat just for being social.

Alternatively, maybe a change to something not keyboard related could fix these issues? Something with the mouse, similar to Google’s captcha? Drawing shapes or doing a simple maze? Though those would take a lot more time than the former.