Slightly up odds of winning at Casino (NOT Jackpots)

As the title suggests, the casino is extremely difficult to make any money in.
When nearly everything in the game leaves me with 10k+ more than I went in with, but the casino leaves me with about 2k in profit, if not negative, for 5x the time. I’m not completely sure if the chances were lowered at some point, but they certainly feel lower. Regardless, I think a small tune should be done to make the casino less of an unrewarding slog 90% of the time I walk in. Jackpots should remain as is, they should be very rare high moments.

I love the casino, but I only ever do anything in it for fun, but the fun is stifled knowing I’m unlikely to win anything.

Unfortunately, this is a bit harder to visualize as it’s all luck based. Looking over the Casino stats, you’ll likely win more depending on which game you are playing.

For fear of people only playing one game, I can just list out the entire earnings/losses for all Casino games here.

Since we began logging Casino units in/out (which is around 2021) players have:

163,036,770,240 Units spent.
222,399,221,771 Units earned.

That’s a 1.364 edge in favor of players.

I will say, however, that Keno is one of the worst earners in the Casino and is in need of a major buff and also a fix on its bet system.

Bingo also might need a little buff, but just a small one.