Slender inspired Condo by Flourette

I really don’t know how to begin this…

A lot hours of my life been lost to this project and just inspired (!) by the original Slender - The Eight Pages game.
It is my very first bigger project and I want it to be seen by other Tower Unite players and Slenderman and horror fans.
I am actually really proud of what I created.
(following could be seen as a spoiler) - You can find all of the building from the Slender game on the map: the gas tanks, the bathrooms, rocks, the tunnel, the container with the truck, felled trees…. -

I hope you like it and want to explore the condo.

I made a trailer for the map: Tower Unite | Slender inspired Map Trailer | by Flourette

And a little screenshot collection:


You can find the map in the steam workshop. follow this link: Steam Workshop::Slender inspired map by Flourette

Thank you for your attention and feel free to give some feedback ^^