Slaughter Day Night Live?

Alright so I know this is going to be somewhat similar to the deathmatch gamemode from gmod tower but what about the details?
Firstly how is it going to play? Will it be call of duty, quake, half life deathmatch, or other? Second how will the weapons work? Will you find them throughout the map or choose a loadout and if so can you change the loadout in the middle of the game? Third will there be any objective based elements?
And finally from a scale from 1 to 10 how chaotic will it be?

Oh also is the concept behind this inspired by Monday night combat by any chance?

It’ll be a mix of Quake and Half-Life Deathmatch. It’s fast paced FPS action. Weapons and ammos will be picked up around the map, similar to power ups. Power ups will make a return as well, but only one person can use the power up available exclusively to the map.

9-10: It will be very chaotic.

It is not inspired by Monday Night Combat, but by arcade games like The Grid and Smash T.V and the great FPS shooters of the past.


Will there be some jaykin’ bacon elements as well? :grinning:

Yes definitely.

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I can’t exactly see it NOT conflicting with any copyrights, so…

What weapons would it have? I hope there’s a pitchfork & a flare gun. :3

so you cant buy weapon from outside the gamemode it self?

No, I don’t think we will be doing that this time around.

Also, 1 year bump.

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So the game will be more luck based than skill
(If you collect, some OP weapon you will REKT everybody before they will collect better weapons[I’m assuming weapons reset when you die] )

Don’t make assumptions yet. The game prototype hasn’t even been started, so I’d say wait until we have more information before making judgements. At this point in time, anything is subject to change; even the very basic ideas surrounding the game’s design itself.

What you are describing is Quake and Unreal Tournament style gameplay. These games are not considered luck based games. There’s a lot of skill in getting to the weapons and knowing how to best use them.

I would say it’s more unfair to have people be able to unlock more powerful weapons (like PVP Battle did) that others cannot use.