Slaughter Day Night Live Weapon Customization

So this might be stretching it a bit, especially since we still know very little about the game mode, but I came up with this idea and thought I’d share it.

In one of the recent Q&A streams, Mac said something about an idea to make the new PVP mode have weapon pickups, a la Quake, rather than a set loadout you build yourself. Personally I love this idea, it would fit the fast paced action of the game. But I’m also a fan of the customization that comes with having your own loadout to fit the way you play (despite the fact that generally the same weapons were used by everyone in GMT, but I digress)

Here’s what I’m thinking: To allow both customization and this new approach to gameplay, there could be a shop by the Slaughter Day Night Live port. How exactly it will work is not up for me to decide since I’m not a dev, but basically it will allow you to use Units to purchase skins and/or attachments for your favorite weapons. So say there is a machine gun pickup, you could buy and equip a pink leopard skin and a scope to it in the shop or whatever, and in game when you grab the weapon, it will have all of your attachments.

TU sounds like it will have a lot of customization, and I think this is another great way for people to make in-game items their own. But I would like to know what you guys think of this.

Edit: As far as skins go, maybe it could be handled the way Saints Row IV did it: Rather than just a paintjob, it could be a complete remesh. This would take more work, but I’m sure the Steam Workshop would be happy to accommodate. I personally would love to have the Zapper back.

Skins are probably of the easiest things to do code-wise (not so art-wise) since most of it comes from changing the texture map of the base gun. As for scopes and otherwise, these can be a little harder depending on their unique specifications.

I am personally all for skins, but if they are really planing to follow the Quake-line I would probably let it be as that, not because I don’t like the idea of extras, but to try more true-hearthed to the idea.

Ugh, skins are an annoying gimmick to me. Let a gun be a gun, not a fashion statement.


Fair enough, but what about attachments? I didn’t take all the extra coding work into consideration originally but if it’s something that’s actually game changing it could still work with the core concept.

Well, if they are going for Quake style gameplay, then attachments don’t make much sense, since you’re picking the guns up off the ground.
Unless you mean, the guns default come with like, a scope or grenade launcher or whatever. I wouldn’t mind that as much.

The thing is I’m thinking about the other option, how you could pick up a gun with a grenade launcher or a scope or whatever that you selected beforehand. I understand that it wouldn’t make much sense, but as far as I can tell they won’t be going for a realistic approach to begin with. Again, I just like the customization factor. I understand if skins can get tacky, maybe a simple color selector could work.

Weapon attatchments. This one bugs me. A vetran player has a fully decked out and pricy gun, a new player has this scrap heap. The new players are most likely going to get fucking obliterated. Im all for weapon skins, but the attatchments are going to bring gameplay issues in my opinion.

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I can’t speak as a developer but if they do decide to implement this I’m sure it will be very well balanced. After all, the way I see it a slightly better scope or slightly larger clip won’t dish out 1 hit kills, and it won’t protect the user from bullets either.

It is still an advantage. Plus people will find a combo that will dominate and you’ll get a Virus situation where whoever has this gun with certain specs wins.

Here’s the thing, I’m not exactly keen on the idea of attachments either. I personally just enjoy cosmetics. But I wanted to take everyone’s playing style into consideration, y’know? Cold doesn’t like skins, and that’s fine. If they end up in the game he probably just won’t use them. I still stand by my opinion that the devs could balance it though. It would be silly for them to screw this up again after the Sonic Shotgun overuse.

Good idea!

I’m not sure all of this is entirely necessary, skins nor attachments. On the stream, Mac said that there won’t be any reloading. Meaning if you run out of ammo, you drop your gun find another. Why would you waste units on a skin you’ll only be seeing for a short amount of time?

Because you’ll have multiple skins that will stay with you at some point.
Oh my platinum shotgun!

  • later *
    Shit, it is out of ammo, oh my candy apple revolver.

Exactly! No matter what weapon you pick up, it will always be YOUR weapon. That’s the whole idea behind this.

I guess that’s true…

lol i hope i dont find a knife and pick it up and having it be my only weapon
because bringing a knife to a gun fight is not the smartest move

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Im pretty sure the game will automatically pick up the next best gun when you run over it.

I believe since they’re going for quake-like gameplay, you’re going to be able to keep and cycle through the weapons you pick up (until you die, where you’d lose all your pickups).

The only way I could see this as being “your weapon” would be to add a feature for player-made skins. Like, rather than having the art devs waste time and energy on creating skins, the players could upload them to the workshop. There could be a menu where you can choose which downloaded skin to apply to the weapons, and it would be seen by other players.

That’s why I’ve already suggested this. But a couple dev made ones wouldn’t hurt, at least until Workshop starts getting uploads regularly.

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