Skype Group?

So lately I have been thinking about talking to people on Skype from the TU community. Now as much I love this place I feel like Discord doesn’t really do much in the way people talking in the mics. And if that was the case then some people may just shout and scream.

So I want to make a Skype group for people to relax, chat and have a Skype call so some of us can play? So if you want to join then feel free to join through this link. Any problems just ask!



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I far more prefer the Discord. Skype is very bothersome.


The discord group used to be on Skype, but it got too…big I guess, to moderate, plus you couldn’t set notification status things, so every time someone posted a “Moji” everyone was notified. That’s when we moved to discord.


Discord life! Plus you could always make your own discord server of a select few of your TU friendos :new_moon_with_face:


Fair enough, it’s your opinion and thought :slight_smile:

whenever i’m on discord nobody uses mics,
like everyone with a voice is asleep :stuck_out_tongue:

I always have my mic muted, not 100% sure why. :new_moon_with_face:

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I don’t even know what this Discord thing really is

I created an account and then left

I guess I’m too old fashioned to use it

We’ll voice chat sometimes, like when we’re playing a game world together

I don’t really understand Discord that well either. I guess you know it when you have had experience with discord. But sometimes its good to stick to what you know can work for you.