Skye's Introduction! <- thats me :P

Hello my name is James, But alot of people call me Skye :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways i remember when i first played GMod Tower. I was playing the hidden source with a friend when he told me about it. so we started up Garry’s Mod and found the Gmod Tower server, Well at first it was all Pink textures and i was a bit confused but soon i caught on and downloaded the workshop addons, restarted the game and that was that. as soon as i came on i met a ton of new friends and people to talk to. Then i found out about the Minigames! oh boy are those fun!. I continued to play for HOURS and HOURS. I must have like 300+ hours now. However i did take a huge break from the game, But as soon as i heard about Lobby 2, i became more active again. My favourite place to hangout right now is the Nightclub :stuck_out_tongue: As soon as i heard about Tower Unite i was amazed of what the developers of PixelTail games were doing with the Unreal 4 engine. Well enough of talking about my time on GMod Tower and more about me.

So i’m just a regular 18 year old that spends most of his time inside playing games. I am currently studying Art and Design at college but i am still unsure what job i want yet but all i know is i love drawing and i would love to enchance my skills at it.

Tower Unite is gonna be the best game to ever be released and its worth every penny :stuck_out_tongue:

– James

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ayy skye

Hello babe <3

Hai. Look at my nick :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums, @Skye!

You should become an artist for a game company :smiley: (Just a suggestion)

Whoa, risque much?
Kiddin’, lol.

Welcome to the forumm, Skye!

:laughing: Ahahahah, just fixed it, thanks!

Yet another addition to the list of people who’s profile pics are anime girls! No offense if your profile picture contains an anime girl in it.

Mines an anime boy!
How about dat?