Skip Voting for Condo theater screens (Smooth Dirt, Custom Condos, Etc)

Currently, the only condo screen that allows clients to skip vote is the Nightclub Media Player Panel. I as well as other condo owners I know would greatly benefit from this feature being available on other media players, specifically the Theater Screens if you don’t want to make it a universal thing on all of them.

Below are my argument points.

1: The Nightclub Player being the only screen is bad due to it being behind the Spin To Win RNG wall, especially if a condo owner needs more than one. I’ve spent 2 hours stright on that wheel and not spun a second one.

2: Using the Nightclub Player IS an option, but the screen on it is so tiny that is has to be massively scaled up. This wouldn’t be such a problem, but the console desk it sits on also gets massively scaled up, and interferes with other parts of the condo world (the one I’m using is more than half of Smooth Autumns’ map width). It’s also only a viable option for an indoor screen where you can hide the desk portion behind walls, it wouldn’t work for outdoor situations at all.

3: I also had the idea of shrinking the Nightclub Player down and sticking it on the wall to act as a master control for a linked screen, which would allow the voting. However, as we all know, the screen linking system is far from working properly for everyone at the moment. The only people who see it on the linked screen are people who were in the condo when the link was made, links have to be remade any time a new person comes in, or they’re limited to the tiny screen and static on the linked one.

In summary, out of my old previous list (thanks for the longer remote distance by the way!), this would be the #1 thing that I, other owners I’m spoken with, and my visitors all agree is the most needed. I wouldn’t imagine that since the code is in the Nightclub Player, it wouldn’t be too difficult to add it to the theater screen. If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate your time & considering.

OuTSMoKE (Dr. Peter Venkman)

+1 Hopefully this gets integrated. Would be an amazing boon to your condo along with many others. :purple_heart:

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This sounds like an incredible idea and would be loads helpful and efficient. I hope this goes through! Good luck! :grin:


This would be a good thing for many types of condos, not fun having to be babysitter because people put hour long videos on the TVs.


Definitely worth it. So many condos would benefit

This feature is now part of the media player settings in the next update.


Thank you! <3

Just a followup… can the voting require EVERYONE watching the screen for it to pass? Right now if 5 people are watching and 4 of them vote, it skips and the 5th guy is screwed, lol.

There’s a setting to adjust the vote ratio. It’s set to 66% needed to skip. You can set it to 100% for that.