Sketchy drawing I did

I got a bit bored and drew this image of the plaza. It’s not great, and it has a lot of errors. I might redo it digitally at a later date.


hey~ Still a good work, it’s not BAD, it’s just fine for a sketch :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is obviously much better

Just kidding it’s an awesome sketch lol


Dang, nice drawing.

Aww, thanks guys. It’s part of a bigger drawing I am almost done with. It’s Tower Unite related.

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This is awesome! Way better than anything I could draw right now.

Wait, are you kidding?.. That is amazing. I’m going to hang this up as a canvas in my condo.

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Haha, thanks- don’t go doing all that yet. I actually came on the forums to post the hole picture. This is just a part of it. Very flattering though ;3

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