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This page will be constantly updated with the progress of my workshop items. New items/ideas will only be added when I have completed one that i’m already doing.

After toying around with UE4, I realized just how easy it was to create content. Only after a few hours of researching the different aspects of the engine and editor, I was empowered to make just about anything I wanted (Kudos to @Zak for dealing with all my shit). Now, I have devised a list of items I plan to release on the Steam Workshop when Tower Unite is shipped, as well as the types of items that I will be making. I may start a trello board for my mods, and will update the page accordingly if I do so :smiley: . Here is the way I will set out the items on the page:

Trello board

N/A - Will update soon.

Types of items

  • [MAP] A map of a particular theme for one of the gamemodes.
  • [APPAREL] Anything ranging from jewelry to shirts to pants to a toy sword.
  • [WEAPON] A weapon for ‘Slaughter Day Night Live’ or any other PVP based gamemode.
  • [BALL] A ball to be used in the gamemode ‘ballrace’
  • [FURNITURE] Placeable furniture items that can go in your condo.

Development Phases

  • (PLAN) A concept/idea I have.
  • (PROTOTYPE) A previous concept/idea partially implemented into UE4. Subject to change.
  • (DRAFT) A prototype improved to a usable state. Things Subject to change.
  • (BUILD) The first public alpha/beta builds of the mod. Testing in progress. Things may slightly be subject to change.
  • (SHIP) All workshop content (e.g. Icon, Screenshots) finalized and the mod is in a state where it can be shipped to the workshop.

Project List



  • [APPAREL] (PLAN) BananaPhone: An equitable hand-held phone that plays the old gmtower achievement theme when right-clicked.


  • [WEAPON] (PROTOTYPE) Old majestic sword: No-one knows what it is. No-one knows where is came from. The sword packs quite the punch in compensation with it’s rather slow attack rate.

  • [WEAPON] (DRAFT) Grenade launcher: It’s OP, and it’s ready to destroy anything in it’s path. Currently uses the default UE4 FPS gun


[4/10/15] Finalized grenade launcher draft.
[8/10/15] Added new weapon models.

[10/10/15] Added more new weapon models.


I can’t wait to see what you create! Although, it would be nice to know exactly which gamemode you are creating each map for.

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I’ve attached screenshots of the grenade launcher. Also, unless otherwise specified, the maps will always be for ‘Slaughter Day Night Live’. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

That looks sick. Did you model the launcher yourself?

No. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, derp. I didn’t read that part.

Are those new models for the launcher? Cuz if they are I am now going to refer to a french bread grenade launcher as the Bombguette.

Are you modelling in normal Unreal Engine 4 app?

@Suburban Ahaha, sadly not. The lollipop and baguette are going to be either cosmetic items or weapons (or both).

@xSkyer Modeling for UE4 is commonly done in third-party applications such as 3DS Max and Blender. I myself don’t model, though, so I don’t really know much about it.

I’d be happy to see this in the game owo the saw-bat look brutal though~ likes it, and that baguette uwu

I like the baseball bat, did you use substance painter to paint your models @SirParadox ?

Where’d you get the weapon models from, anyway?

I think what you need is a spot to be in the official dev team for TU

You need to look at this stuff