Simpsons question wrong answer

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the correct answer is that they first met in high school

The answer is correct according to the source provided.

when I had the question, it said the correct one was “summer camp” and not high school

I believe this is the first time they met

“High School” is incorrect per the source I provided.


It was probably retconned at some point. You linked a season 2 episode and Caboose linked a season 15 episode. TV shows retconned stuff a lot.


I think the problem lies within the fact that nobody (happily) watched past the 13th season of The Simpsons - therefore a lot of people would regard the happenings of 2-12 being absolute gospel simpsons. But they haven’t retconned either episode, it’s just that Marge and Homer unknowingly met each other beforehand when they were first telling the story of how they met in high school to Lisa and Bart.

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The reason I put the Episode “The Way We Weren’t” as the correct answer, is because Homer first met Marge when he was young, and they had their first kiss, However, when they met again in High School, they don’t remember each other because Homer was wearing a Eyepatch and Marge’s Hair was Brown.

To quote TV Tropes:
“Marge & Homer met when they were circa 10 years old at summer camp and shared their first kisses together. When they met again in high school neither recognized the other (in part because one had very different hair and the other had an eye-patch when they first met).”