Signs(For condo)

Sings for your condo so that you can label rooms and give directions

Edit: What I mean by signs for rooms is the signs that were on the doors of the condos with your name on it on tower but you can buy them and put custom text on it.


Not sure if this item would be sold at Rob’s Imports or Sweet Suites.
But good idea nevertheless! Ages ago for GMT I was thinking of a special poster which you were able to freely fill with text and change the text’s and background color, and also put arrows on it.

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This has been (kind of) suggested before. Please always use the search function to check if it has.

Ah, my bad I didnt see it when I made this post.

In the Trello Roadmap under the Advanced Condo Tools Card there’s a listing for Writable Signs, which means that these are probably already going to be a thing in the future. :raising_hand:

In the mean time, you can just put up canvases.