Sickness/ dizziness

Whenever I play Tower Unite (Condo, plaza) I get this strange dizzy/sick feeling and I’m no sure what causes it.
Maybe field of view or some other graphic setting? I don’t get this feeling in any other game.

Any suggestions?

In real life or game. If real life you should consult your doctor about motion sickness in games.

Are you 100% sure about this? As far as I know, TU operates as normally as any other game.

We, however, as MyNamesLiam said, not doctors. You’re going to want professional help on this.

Um… No. Just go to a doctor, it’s what they always say to do.

I would not advise going to a doctor because a video game made him dizzy.
That shit costs money, and this isn’t a serious enough issue to warrant the bill.

My advice is to play around with the FOV (if that’s a feature… haven’t checked). Generally you’ll want a higher FOV when you are sitting so close to a monitor.
See if you feel sick playing Ball Race.

If you live in America, yes. He may live in the uk though, where it’s free. Obviously if it’s going to cost a lot, then no, I wouldn’t advise it. It all depends I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the help guys!
Going to the doctors here in Australia is free so I might. But that still doesn’t explain why I only have this feeling in TU.

Thanks again! :grinning:

Turn up your FOV. Right now it keeps resetting so make sure to set it back each time you join a game.

I live in Australia too.

Good luck.
Maybe have a video of the game on a tablet or phone.


I used to get dizzy when i played RuneScape old version of the game. I think it’s because i was spinning the camera angles all day. Try taking breaks.