[Showcase] New car game I have been working on. (Android/Pc/Web)

Ever heard of “The next car game”? , well this is a similar game with my vision. Its a bit laggy on a dual core laptop, still 25FPS, but if you can enjoy gmod on your computer, than this should run smoothly.

I plan to release it free on android with a new streamlined map, with tons of stunt/obstacles to enjoy.

Features- Tons but here are a few ones.
Vehicle destruction
Real physics
HD graphics
Many types of vehicles, not just cars, more to be added later
Vehicle parkour- parkour with your car, earn special rewards (rewards not added yet although a simple one was released for Halloween, where you needed to collect pumpkins by completing stunts and obstacles)
Functioning Bowling alley
Functioning Soccer
Several Songs/Music
A little to no lag whatsoever, meant to be run on android.
Final feature- multiplayer with upto 20 players at a time, vehicle shop.

Note: Got any ideas for a stunt? obstacle? or a new feature? you can share it here, and I’ll see If I can implement it in game.

You can play it here- http://www.kongregate.com/games/Gunsling3r/vehicle-stunt-simulator


If you’re releasing this on Android, you may want to remove some songs, as they are copyrighted.

I am not releasing this same version, its in development and on kongregate for testing purpose only. Its too unpolished to be on android. About songs, the only copyrighted song here is “Blur - Woo hoo”, its only for kngregate and wont be used in final version.

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nice game :monkey_face:

The new Christmas update

These red ones are chase cars, they chase and destory you, will turn them into police cars, also they will deploy spike-strip to burst player tires.