[Showcase] My handmade art in Yoville/Yoworld

I saw a post here about the creativity of canvas in condo, and it reminded me ab yoville’s whiteboard art, that can be hand painted via a mouse or a software was used to put pictures on it, but the pics were pixleated. Here are pics. (note:the whiteboard technology that Zynga used in yoville was bought from omgpop, a famous innovative gaming site that comes up with new stuff)

Suggestion: In Yoville/Yoworld ppl could paint and sell such paintings to the rich folks. I think it’d be too much to request such a function in Tower Unite, but if they can, I’d love to see it.


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You drew that stuff with a mouse?
That’s some talent, right there!

People still play that game?

Holy shit.

nah I quit long time ago, but did have a look when Yoville was re-sold to its original owner. A toronto based company. Now its called Yoworld and its a much much better game than before. Also Yoworld is exactly same as GMTower.

There are tricks of doing stuff.