Show Off Your Courtyard Villa!

It’s been a decent amount of time since Villa dropped and (most of) its major bugs fixed, and I’ve been wanting to see what others have built in their new Condos! Gather up some screens of your favourite parts of your build to share and write some descriptions.

I’ll start:
My Villa is still under construction and only half of what I want to do is complete (with more parts that I have no current plans).

As with my other Condos, I build it as a place for me and my friends to hangout and access different activities; the three main wings of the building are the Gallery, Theatre, and Lounge. The central pool has been converted to a “natural” pond for some fish.

The Lounge is where most of the drinks are held and the live instruments are located. Eventually Billiards (whenever that’s available) will be added to the back corner.

The Gallery has both trophies and my own creations, be it drawings or player models.

The Theatre is where we watch terrible, crusty YouTube videos in a variety of rooms. Each room has a unique theme, but only two are complete.

The unthemed “Waiting Room”

The Desert Drive-In Viewing Room (still in progress)



That could be a theme for a condo contest.