Show an indication that a condo is hosted by a blocked player in the condo browser

I condo hop pretty often, and have run into some really awful condos that I don’t want to see again (e.g. literal Nazi stuff), but I often end up running into those condos again when they’re being hosted at a later date, as I don’t keep track of player names, and even those end up changing.

Currently, there’s no indication at all that a condo is hosted by a player that you’ve blocked, as the only change in the condo menu is that the blocked user’s profile picture doesn’t load (which happens often to non-blocked users anyways). There are a couple ways I think this could be resolved:

  1. Don’t touch the title, list the host’s name as “[BLOCKED]”
  2. Add a tag to the title that indicates you’ve blocked the host, such as “Condo Name BLOCKED
  3. Prevent the condo name from showing up at all, replacing it with “[BLOCKED]”
  4. Don’t list the condo in the condo menu at all.

I think it should not display the condo at all, but also show at the bottom that “1 or more condos were not displayed due to the user being blocked”.