Should I purchase Ni No Kuni 2?


It looks amazing but, It’s very expensive for me and my family right now, also my parents kind of owe me a free game so should i use it ? this confusing me, I think i may of dropped a med today, i feel really wierd. I want some ice cream. stop it!


I want to say stuff on the forums but about 50% of what I feel like gonna say i delete


Like i sign up things on my email alot just so can feel like a working man going through his emails


i like the ni no kuni series a lot, but if you know your gonna play it and like it a lot then sure you can if you want but it is your decision. if it were me id wait and see if i still want it after a day or so unless i desperately want to play it then i would just get it myself.


I don’t know the specifics, but if it currently is very expensive for you and your family, I think you should be responsible and not buy it.