Should I live stream for TU beta?

I did a live stream of the opening of lobby 2 beta. So who would watch me do a live stream of TU in its first stages of gameplay as a beta? If this receives a positive response then I’ll go ahead with it. And of course it’ll be on since the last time I did it on YouTube, the stream got taken down.

I would be playing the beta, but I don’t know about anyone else. You should still stream though :smiley:

Hmm, sure, why not? I’d surely watch it.
It’ll suck if timezones become an issue :worried:

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do in terms of time zones. If it is after the 1st September then that can be a bit of an issue due to college. College and school is always an issue in the gmt/tu universe

I’ll still be on summer vacation on the first of september. I am only one of many more people who still have vacation during this time though, so yeah…

Don’t forget, I reside in the UK so term times are different compared to the U.S. Not forgetting the other countries as well

I’m in Australia, so


Might as well stream, right? Unless it significantly screws your performance.

I’ll be streaming with my rift, assuming it has support at the time.

Alrighty then, the stream is happening (if I have enough for the beta option)

I’m like 70% sure that rift support is planned for after the game’s full release.

And i’ll see you on tower unite :smiley:

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