Should I download Blender from the website or Steam?

Also is the Steam version synchronized with the website version update-wise?

Personally i just got the version straight from blenders website.
Free trial forever according to them, other than that there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the two versions.
Although the blender/steam version apparently auto updates if steam sends out any updates for blender

yeah, i know searith was using the steam version and when he was rigging the model it kept randomly resizing it, the one from the website is better and has less bugs in it.

In my opinion, steam.

Last time I checked, they waited a few days after release. If you want to be sure to use the latest stable branch, download from - simple as that.

Can you link me to where they write that? Blender is open source, even using the word trial seems like a dangerously misleading phrasing.

Sooo basically like everything on Steam if you download it from Steam? It looks like you could keep a certain version by switching to that specific branch instead of public: