Should I downgrade to Windows 7?

The obvious answer is “Yes” but support for 7 ends in 2020, I also don’t know if I can downgrade without having to buy a Windows 7 install CD. Can anyone give me some advice? I really want to get away from 10, it’s a glitchy POS.

I prefer windows 8 tho. It’s fancy and pleasing to do literally anything

Windows 10 actually runs fine for me but I think you should downgrade to Windows 7.

I personally went from Windows 7 to macOS and then to Windows 10. I’m really enjoying it atm.

If i didn’t have a couple of games from the windows store installed like Gears of War 4 or Forza i would have gone back to 7 by now. For some reason the latest windows update just would not install and actually failed 15 days in a row until it finally decided to work for no reason.

Why downgrade? I have loved Win10 since launch.

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I love Windows 10, can’t really see going back to 7.

(EDIT): By the way, if your OS is acting up (unresponsive, slow, crashing often), try migrating your OS to an SSD. From my experience, the longer I use a PC with everything on a single HDD, the slower it runs. Having used a different machine with an SSD just for the OS and an HDD for the games, it works flawlessly. Just something to consider.


No, you shouldn’t.

No, Windows 10 isn’t worse.

Yes, Windows 10 collects your data but so does Windows 7. Or do you really think Microsoft just started doing this?

Yes, you can block most communication with Microsoft servers, go read up on it.


I don’t care about it sending data to MS, the OS is just plain glitchy for me. I’ll try moving it to an SSD like @anon38270777 suggested.

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Yeah, moving 10 to an SSD fixed a lot of the glitches for me (though that’s because the hard drive it used to be on was a pile of crap), so. Hope it fixes your problem!

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Link to Source? I’ve been pretty careful with Updates and System Settings.

I’ve always used 7. Optimized for literally everything, simple layout, not buggy as hell like 8 and 10.

Zero bugs with 10 and never had any trouble with 8.1 before. No idea what you’re on about. Also some new games and software are beginning to not include support (or atleast be optimized) for Win7.

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That’s when just talking about that group of “XBOX ONE AND WINDOWS 10 EXCLUSIVE” games. Video games should generally still work fine and only stop supporting W7 when W7 support itself is dropped.
I mean, rocket league for example still sort of runs on windows xp, and that game was released months after XP’s support ended.

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