Short Video that took a long time


Just bought a new editing program and wanted to test it out.

The part that took a long time was trying to post the video. It was blocked on youtube because of the music so I had to find an other site to upload it too which wasn’t easy and took way longer then it should. Hopefully the video will play.

There is some problems like a clip that goes on for way to long and other things but I just can’t be bothered re-rendeing now :cry:

Might just go cry now.

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:


Hate to break it to you but…

I think the best course of action at this point would be to drop the mp4 into a google drive link, and link it here. No blockage, no youtube, just the straight video.


I am getting an error on the google drive link now :neutral_face:


How the heck did you get a breach of terms of service, i have uploaded video clips with alot of copyrighted music and nothing has happened there other than a simple demonetization.
Also do you think the file type might not be supported?


Pretty sure its just an mp4. I have used the same song in another video before so I wasn’t really expecting it to get blocked. The video isn’t even worth all of the effort :joy:


How about giving VidLii a shot, hm? They don’t block stuff for copyright. (Or Vidme, that could work too.)


Send it to me via zippyshare or something and i could try and see what the error is.
Well or you could try uploading to vidme.


The amount of websites I have signed up for now is insane. Waiting for the video to upload to vidme now.


Hoping vidme works.The video should just of stayed on my desktop for no-one to see but instead I spend 3 hours trying to upload it.


Hey that’s the average time it takes me to upload a 500 MB video file on youtube.


It seems to work on my phone. Maybe it finally worked? :information_desk_person:


Works perfectly on my end.


Now I know which site to use if I want to use copyrighted music :stuck_out_tongue:


How about… you don’t use copyrighted music? I mean your videos don’t work for a reason. I’ve heard Kevin MacLeod has a selection. Otherwise, there’s whole websites dedicated to music in a mix of free licenses, I’d personally start with Creative Commons.

Also I’m curious, what editing program is that?


I usually don’t use copyrighted music, I was just using whatever was on my pc at the time since I was just planning to have it unlisted so I could post it here. The program is called PowerDirector 16, it was on sale so I decided to buy it and it works good enough but I still prefer sony vegas. I just don’t want to be pirating software anymore.


Sorry for bumping an such an old thread but I just updated the video with royalty free music and I am unable to edit the original post.

I also haven’t posted on the forum for a while since most of my posts are about my condos and my pc isn’t in the best condition so it can’t run tower unite but I am picking up my new pc tomorrow. woo! Excited to get back into tower unite.