Sharing house with a friend and locking doors

I would like to see nice sharing house with a friend and locking example bedrooms and other doors. U can give the keys who ever u want. And this game needs more different houses.

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You can already give other players admin for your condo. The guide for that can be found here.

Keys for locking rooms is a very interesting idea. Although I can’t imagine a lot of people using it.

As far as different houses/layouts - Something along the lines of that is already planned and will be implemented in the future.

I thought that was for dedicated servers only?

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Yea, you can’t add admin for your condo yet!

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Whoops, my bad. I thought it worked for both. :sweat_smile:

Door items will be coming in the next update. It would be interesting if you could some how assign who can and who can’t enter them.

Having doors with keypads where you have to enter the correct code to open would be sweet.


@macdguy has talked about door locking before, and has considered adding a feature to the doors to only allow friends or specific people through.

There is actually a trello page for it.
I doubt this feature will be implemented when the placable doors come, however.

Yeah, I plan to add to the door.

I want to add the following features to placeable doors, sometime after they are released:

  • Locked (only the owner can open the door)
  • Entry Filters (only the owner can walk through the doorway, or just friends, or everyone)
  • Keypad (door will open only if the correct 4 numbers are entered. plus only the player who got it right will be able to pass through)