Sharing Condo Ownership and Gifting Items (Condo Editing-Basic Idea Implemented)

Here’s suggestions on how to be able to share items and condos, to complete our communistic utopia (jk).


Condos can be shared to steam friends, where they will appear in the other person’s condo list once they accept the invite. What this will do is when one of the people who are invited, depending on permission level, (or the owner,) opens the condo, that will become the host server.

Now, what happens if they set the wrong settings for your condo? What if they steal your stuff?

First, there isn’t really a way to stop people from stealing your condo furniture and the such, which is why it is a good idea to make sure to only share higher permissions to close friends. However, there will be a menu to show all the people who have access to host the condo, and you can revoke access, or change their permissions. However, there is always the ability to report a player (in this case a new tag, for stealing things).

Level 1 - This person can open/interact with objects like the owner. (bronze)
Level 2 - In addition to previous levels, this person can edit/build in the condo (Silver)
Level 3 - In addition to previous levels, this person can invite people on their friends list as normal guests. (Gold)
Level 4 - In addition to previous levels, this person can open the condo from their condo list, and host it. (Emerald)
Level 5 - Owner (change permissions). (Blue Star [or sapphire, depending on which you like better])
Note: Levels 2-5 can pick up items dropped inside of your condo (more on that later).

The permission system can work either from that menu, or from when you invite them. Before the invite actually sends, there will be a popup to select the receiver’s permissions.

People who are inside the condo who are “hosts” will be given a little icon next to their name, depending on the permission level.

Enough on Condos, let’s focus on sharing items (without placing them down and people taking them, like in the condo part of this post).

Gifting Items

Note: In addition to giving items, you can also gift furniture.
Gifting items can be done by either the inventory on the main menu, in a condo, or in a plaza. if it is in a lobby of sorts, or the main menu you must drag the item from your inventory onto the player (if on main menu onto a steam friend’s icon on the right). The player(/icon) will be highlighted in light blue, and then there will be a confirmation popup that will say, “Do you want to give ‘player’ ‘item’?” (Yes) (No)
If the steam friend is offline the gifting cannot take place.

The receiver of the gift will get a similar popup (if they are online,) where it will say, “Do you want to receive ‘item’ from ‘player’?” (Yes) (No)
In the top right or left there will be a button to block that player from gifting you items. There will be in addition an extra tag where you report players to report them for spamming you with gift requests.

If you are inside of a condo, you can either drop the item out of your inventory, where it will become a spinning item, such as in minecraft, or you can do what would happen in a lobby. In this case, the item will show a 3D model of the item, just like in the stores when you buy them, but set to a constrained size. Items within a small radius of the item will be picked up by the receiver when they click on the item on the ground to prevent people being annoying with the gifts.

This article was designed to give suggestions on how to implement sharing condo ownership with other players, and how gifting items should work.
Keep in mind that there’s no way I could’ve gotten everything, so feel free to put suggestions in the comments. If you see any that you like, upvote them. I will be adding ones that people seem to agree with.

  1. Community condos are coming soon and the ability to let others build in your condo with different permission levels is all planned.

  2. Trading has been discussed many times in the community and the main argument against it is that as soon as trading is added items will gain real world values, which isn’t a good thing. I think it makes sense to leave trading out of the game.

I’d recommend doing a quick search on the forums before posting as trading has been suggested many times and shared condos are already planned.


Also I’m mostly also suggesting the ability for other people that aren’t the owner to have permission to host a condo of another person. I think it would be cool because your friends could do stuff in your condo without you on.

It’s not trading I’m suggesting - it’s gifting. In this case it doesnt really mean trading, though it can be used in that way.

Trading/gifting would both present the same problem of items gaining real world values. Community condos will allow you to have dedicated servers that stay up when you’re not online.

I don’t understand the mentality behind the trading ban. At the moment, there isn’t anything that people would properly be willing to shell out actual money for.

At most, there may be the rare occasion where someone may pay their mate in exchange for a cosmic catsack, but there aren’t any items that I can think of that people would buy instead of just earning themselves.

The only items are maybe exclusives, like milestone items, spin to win or arcade. Say however, that these were blocked from trading, what would people actually spend their irl money on?

“Yes, I’d like to spend £2 on 3 hot tubs because I am literally too lazy to play an hour of minigames.”

I’m having a hard time seeing it.
I imagine trading being a perfect feature to coincide with CC, but I recognise that it’s a hot take, so I’m also not expecting it.

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I disagree on saying that having servers host condos is inherently the solution. Some people cannot host a condo locally on their computer 24/7, whether it is due to performance they need elsewhere, or just not being able to in the first place. It should be an option, but some form of local version like my solution could be used for similar effect.

The idea for having multiple people build in your condo will work with both condo hosting methods, dedicated server or local server (which is how the game works now).