Shared Points system

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “But Lani, if points are shared amongst players, someone could just buy a bunch of upgrades then nobody else would be able to use them” Well, my idea was that when a player earns points the points are also given to the rest of the players. (Or maybe it could be a fraction of the points) BUT players would also be able to spend separately, so if one player buys something, nobody else loses any points. I think this would be great as at the moment playing co-op is more hindering than it is helpful as players overall would get fewer points.

That would encourage co-operative teamwork, to have a joint pool, but you’d probably have to lower overall points gain so that good teams couldn’t just buy out every upgrade in two rounds.

Would this also mean that players gain shared xp based on their teamwork?

Sounds like something that’d be added in the community condos update, but I honestly don’t think it’d be very practical or well-used.

Yeah, that could be added too.


I’m not sure what this has to do with condos in any way shape or form, but it would be practical as it would entice players to play together rather then play solo as solo is more rewarding atm

Was talking more about how the community condos update will be focused on having players be able to do things together. I think this idea of sharing units and XP fits well with that theme. With that said, I still believe that it’s a rather strange idea, and wouldn’t really benefit the game. That’s just my personal opinion though. If you’d like incentive for playing with friends, perhaps you could suggest they could tack on a little points boost for playing with others to the payout? Something small but noticeable, like 100 units or something around that. Maybe 50 units per other player would be more reasonable. That way, if someone tends to get high amounts of units, they’re not penalized by having to share with others. Likewise, it wouldn’t reward lazy players or leechers quite as much.

I’m confused about this. The suggestion’s just suggesting that ZM points (the ones you buy power ups with) would get shared to every player if you’re playing multiplayer, not that Units and EXP would be shared if you’re playing with Steam friends.

Ooooooooh. I’m completely misunderstanding. I thought it they were talking about units and XP. I’ve honestly never played ZM before, so I didn’t know there was a points system. Sorry for the misunderstanding. As you were ^^’

Ah alright.