Shareable Condos

Sorry if this has already been suggested. One thing i always wanted was the ability to let friends move stuff around my condo. Could we get something like this in TU?


I would love to see that

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Maybe even the ability to co-own condos? Or possibly the ability to perform permanent clan-like groups that could have a sort of group condo (where all or selected members could edit). Regardless, I’d like the option to customize the same condo with my friends regardless of how it’s implemented. One thing at a time though, I suppose.

like having a base with rooms for everyone?
like a house with alot of rooms? and guest rooms for new people joining the clan-like group?

Yeah clan housing would be really cool, like everyone in the clan has their own room

Hm… extra clans base? Thats nice idea!

Asked about this a while back, got a promising response. Players building in other player's condos

Sounds pretty sweet tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome. Give roles to people in your condos such as mods or admins.


Dude that a cool idea.