Shadowplay not working with newest TU version

I didn’t really know what category to put this in, but I use Shadowplay a lot to capture stuff that happens in minigolf. It definitely still works, because it can still record for CS:GO, but it can’t for Tower Unite. Has anyone else been having this issue?

I recorded TU with Shadowplay, but I have to check the version.
EDIT; It was, not

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put it in windows fullscreen and turn on capture desktop in shadowplay

obs works

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Yeah, but I don’t wanna be recording the entire time. Shadowplay is nice because I can record what just happened without recording constantly.

Also it’s much higher quality.

How exactly? OBS has way more configurations.

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i don’t use obs myself because i already have shadowplay, but apparently OBS does have a feature like shadowplay, just in case it ever stops working for you again

obs has hotkeys, you just need to have the program opened, the quality is fine for me since i don’t have a giant ultra hd special edition deluxe bend tv or something

Shadowplay has WAY less impact on your performance because it uses some dedicated thing built into the card.

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I actually use OBS a decent amount. I stream here and there, and I use it to record Osu! since just about everything else doesn’t pick it up. Shadowplay doesn’t require constant recording, it has great file sizes for the quality as well. The only lag I get while recording with Shadowplay is when I actually finish the recording. I just prefer it way more for casual recording than OBS c:

Here’s some stuff that may help explain why I like Shadowplay more than OBS or Fraps

Watch this video up until about 1:30

Another one

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I love this guy. His videos are great. Can’t wait for Destruction Darius 2!

same. Loved his game making adventures series. It was great to just watch and do nothing


I would highly recommend trying to get OBS working. If the quality is too low for your standards, just adjust the bitrate. Higher numbers will give higher quality. I find ~4500 a good setting for everyday recording that isn’t too heavy on file size. It has a some minor visual artifacts here and there, but they not that noticeable. And if you bump it up to 6000-8000 it will get extremely crisp. (At the cost of file size of course. Video quality & file size go hand in hand when it comes to videos.)

Btw, I did some research on this today and the x264 encoding is actually higher quality than the NVGEC encoding. So Shadowplay is worse than OBS. If you have a good CPU then OBS will take advantage of that. If you have a good GPU then Shadowplay will take advantage of that. So bad GPU’s will not do Shadowplay as well, and bad CPU’s will not do OBS as well.

The video you linked earlier even proves it. (Watch to around 3:30) Look at the quality of the XAVC. XAVC is the x264 codec. Whereas Shadowplay and the NVidia NVENC (shown in ~3:15) is of far lower visual quality (But with a much smaller file size. 1.7GB down to 375MB).

I saw one person on reddit sum up the OBS or Shadowplay argument pretty well, here’s what he said:

This is my opinion.
Shadowplay is amazing. It encodes in the GPU and won’t affect game performance or it will very slightly. Recording content on it is amazing.
OBS is a software encode that will utilize a bunch of CPU, but it is way, way, way more customizable.
So - if you’re wanting to stream a game out so a buddy can stop in once in a while and you don’t care about any features other than actually getting the game out there - shadowplay works well!
If you’re doing it in any way that resembles a professional style or set up you will need to options available in OBS. notifications and alerts, music tickers, multiple scenes, plugins, it’s got it all.
Just my two cents. Shadowplay can work but it is not ideal unless your priority is to simply get the game out there.

Other Sources:

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My main point is here, is that my performance is hardly taken down at all when using shadowplay, whereas if I record in 60fps at the same qualities, OBS will start killing my performance. It’s like shadowplay isn’t even there. Plus if I’m recording with OBS 24/7, then it’s going to be taking up disk space constantly, whereas Shadowplay can take up 20 gigs to save a 20 minute recording at a 130MB bitrate.

OBS hardly ever drops my fps. If it does, its something like 1-2 fps. And with 90-140 fps I am not noticing it anyways. GTX 970 and i7 2600k (5 year old CPU might I add) has no issues with it. I had a gtx 770 that ran no noticable fps loss also.

OBS really shouldn’t be affecting your computer at all. Fraps used to kill my computers back in the day. The first time I switched to OBS I was mindblown by how good it ran. I can’t even tell the difference between recording and not recording. I can literally go an hour or two plus and not realize I’ve been recording the entire time until I close the game and see OBS recording.

What is your CPU & GPU?

I was also pretty surprised when I switched from FRAPS to OBS, but for something like Overwatch, I have issues keeping 60fps when I run it on high and record.

basically how my videos come to be

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The only issue with recording with fraps is the high hdd bandwidth requirement. A dedicated HDD is necessary for this. Also no compression increases file size by a lot.