Shader Support

As many modders would appreciate, I suggest something similar to Source Engine shaders. You can do a lot with those, some basic ones being normal maps, phong customisation (I love phongexponenttexture command, I beg for it back, its super useful to put detail into glass where the light reflects off), selfillum.

However one of the biggest things that seems really simple, would be super helpful to myself and most likely other modders. The $color and $blendTintByBaseAlpha commands for VMTs. These would be extremely useful for modders to use an alpha map on their textures and allow for players to change the colour of the texture in game. Kind of like in GMod you have the option to change playermodel colour in the context menu, same could be done in Tower Unite though the C menu. Same thing goes for editing condo furniture and they way you can colour the lights but with the textures on models. This would mean players can choose any colour they want for a model, and modders don’t have to make lots of different coppies of the same model but with different coloured textures. Some textures also just don’t get a good looking colour though editing in photoshop and can only get a good look when done though a games shader due how an alpha map is set up.

(And pls transparency support, much love)

With, we’re adding transparency support, coloring support, and PBR settings.


I see custom sounds on there as well! I was just about to make a new suggestion topic for it. Cool, glad we’re getting those, too! :smile:


Custom collisions, yes, will we be able to have concave collisions or will it still be limited to convex collisions?

With custom collisions, you can define boxes, so yes, you can make concave collision.

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custom sounds? for what?

It’s probably for the model, so you can make it say stuff.

i see that its not only for playermodels, this is for chairs or media players etc.

Plushy. :snail: